What is OnePassword?
OnePassword aims to take away the burden of user accounts and passwords from the typical internet user. It is a small software that runs under Windows (TM). The project page is here.

Why does it exist?
I, like probably many others, would like a program to remember the user accounts and passwords for the sites I visit and not only those passwords (for the documents I encrypt, the accounts on my LAN etc). I often find myself on sites I KNOW I was before and I KNOW I have a user accound there but I am unable to remember the password or the account or both. Password retrieval is time-consuming as everybody knows, it often takes about as much time as making a new account.
I searched the web and the sourceforge community for such a project and I found quite a few that seemed to be what I need, but after downloading and testing them, I found them to be... not quite what I had in mind.
Beeing a programmer, I decided to build my own small, light-weight password manager, but on a second thought, I want everybody to benefit from it and, if possible, to help to the making of this program.
So, what I have in mind is a program with a VERY SIMPLE and VERY INTUITIVE interface that stores passwords and accounts in an encrypted file. Users create their own password-protected password files and all they have to remember is the password they used to encrypt the file.
I thought about (and started) using Visual C++ and MFC to build a simple dialog-based application which would run on Win32, the only platform I am familiar with (apart from good old MSDOS :) ). If someone helped port the code to other platforms, that would be great.
I am aware that there are other ways to solve the problem (one can always have an Excel sheet of passwords for example), but I would still like to have a small ad-hoc program for this task.

How does it work?
It stores your usernames and passwords in a local encrypted file. All you have to remember is the password needed to open that file. OnePassword will remember the rest.

Is it free?
Yes. OnePassword is provided under GNU GPL. It is open-source software.

How do I get it?
You can download the latest version here.

I am a programmer and I want to help. What now?
Please post a request in the forums, or send a message through the system. Visit project page.

I like this program. I want to pay for it.
You can make a donation here.

If you need help, please post a message on the appropriate forum. I will try to answer A.S.A.P.

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